BaboucarI would like to welcome you on my website. Perhaps you are wondering what is behind “Nianing-Tours Senegal”. It is really quite simple:
My name is Baboucar Ndiaye, born and raised in Senegal, living in Germany. During my studies at the university of Konstanz (I studied German Philology and Romance Languages) I noticed that the African continent is still an unknown part of the earth for most of the European people.

Politicians, authors, foreign correspondents and journalist take the liberty to write books about Africa even staying just a very short time there. With their limited information they produce a miserable image of Africa. In their opinion the name Africa stand for wars, crises, disasters, corruption, crime, capital flight, sickness. This impression makes it difficult to integrate many Africans in Europe because they face many prejudices.
In order to abolish this image I would like to invite you to Senegal to discover and find out the national hospitality. It will not be just a standard holiday. You will very closely experience the Senegalese daily life. We organize trips considering the cultural aspects.     
For any enquiry or information with regard to your holiday in Senegal I am always on your disposal.
I am very pleased to welcome you shortly in order to encounter the different Senegalese cultures.    
With kind regards

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